The remarkable service achievement is remarkable


Because of you, we will make our business bigger

Cherry Motor Services (H.K) Limited was established in 2003. Our company had served some industry and commerce organizations and personal vehicle owners. After several years, there is a significant growth in number of clients due to our unceasing development. In the past, the “lack of places” had been a great obstacle on developing our business and our service area was limited due to this also. However, our company has already purchased and moved to a new plant in Fotan by beginning of 2007. The area of new plant is 3600 sq. ft. which is much larger than that of the old one. With a larger new plant, one of our great obstacle一“insufficient of places”, has already settled. Moreover, the service area of our company can also be promoted!!! In the future, we will invest more capital on acquiring more advanced maintenance equipment. Apart from it, we will also put more resources on training our employees. It is my conviction that we will provide a high quality and reliable automobile service to all our customers.

Because of you, we are willing to do more

The clients we have nowadays belong to various social strata. Among the others, we pay much attention on social service organizations. Due to the complicated and time-consuming procedures on government fund allocation policy, the social service organizations must first obtain the quoted price for government approval before getting the allocated funds, many service providers are unwilling to make business with them as to avoid the troublesome procedures. Since the social service organizations provide services for the person in need, it’s a shame that many of the motor service providers were unwilling to help. Our company is in line with the spirit of ‘takes from the society, contribute to the society’. We provide a ‘Social service organizations priority service scheme’, hoping to go with you, contribute with you together for the society!

Because of you, we must do better

The goal of ‘The social service organization priority service scheme’ is to provide a one year term services for your organization. It includes regular and the government anniversary examination services with one advance agreed lump sum payment. Afterwards, all maintenance services are free, but only pay for the components expenses. We will prepare a repairing schedule for your vehicles. An after-serviced report will also be submitted to let you understand what works have been done and to ensure your vehicles were safe and reliable for driving. Our business slogan, ‘High quality for less’, with best quality and reasonable price, we must provide you with the remarkable service you ever had!!! Please contact with us for details.